Kraft Mac & Cheese There’s a Vegan In The Family Now

Kraft Mac & Cheese

There’s a Vegan In The Family Now


Kraft Mac & Cheese is an iconic brand, beloved by generations for its gooey cheesy taste. But some Australians were missing out on this classic side dish. Individuals with certain dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices were forced to seek alternatives… until Kraft Vegan Mac & Cheese launched in Australia, a global first for the Kraft Mac & Cheese brand.  


Successfully introduce Kraft Vegan Mac & Cheese to the Australian market as an inclusive option that extends the iconic brand’s appeal to individuals with vegan and other dietary preferences, leveraging engaging content and social media activities to generate excitement and acceptance within the broader community.

Our Idea

REBORN’s idea “There’s a Vegan In The Family Now” positioned Kraft Vegan Mac & Cheese as the newest member of an iconic family of foods that everyone can now indulge in, no matter their dietary requirements.

In addition to animations announcing the new product, REBORN created a social media-led campaign that drove engagement and talkability amongst the audience. This involved a fun competition to whip up hype around the product.

REBORN Responsibility

  • Communications strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Social media management
  • Influencer management

The Result

1+ Million

Reached an audience of over 1m Australians

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