Life Savers

Life Savers, a renowned Australian confectionery brand with over a century of history, was confronting a stagnation crisis. Once a household name, Life Savers had seen its relevance and brand awareness among Australian consumers progressively diminish.

However, Darrell Lea, after acquiring the brand, aimed to resurrect Life Savers. Their mission was not just to rejuvenate the brand, but to broaden the product range, establishing a refreshing identity for the masterbrand.


Life Savers


Life Savers Brand Launch

the challenge

To revitalise Life Savers, Darrell Lea needed a strategy that would not only reestablish the brand's connection with consumers but also make it a formidable contender in the highly competitive confectionery market. REBORN, as the lead media agency, was entrusted with the critical task of launching the new range of Life Savers' chocolate and confectionery products.

the solution

REBORN crafted an integrated media campaign that was no less than a blitzkrieg. It reached over 17 million Australians via an amalgamation of various channels, including TV, BVOD, digital platforms, social media, influencers, Out-Of-Home (OOH) proximity, and retailer performance media.

A critical aspect of this revitalisation strategy was the collaboration between REBORN and creative agency TBWA. This collaboration ensured that media and creative targeting was audience-specific and optimised daily throughout the campaign's duration. The result was a media delivery that not only hit the mark but kept improving, perfecting the message delivery as the campaign advanced.

the results

The results were nothing short of extraordinary in the ultra-competitive confectionery space. Life Savers leaped to the #1 spot in terms of household penetration gains in Australian FMCG, indicating a successful revival of an iconic brand.

key takeaways

The strategy for Life Savers' revival was clear: Launch the new product range with a high-visibility, "Can't Miss It" media campaign, connect with the audience in a meaningful way, and influence the moment of choice in-store by thoroughly considering all touchpoints. This approach served as a reminder that it's possible to rejuvenate a latent brand with a carefully crafted, audience-specific media campaign and innovative collaboration.

REBORN responsibilities
  • Media Planning
  • Social strategy
  • Media Buying
  • Design
  • Website design
  • Motion
  • Social media