Manicare's The Real World Experiment

Similar to the last Glam Lashes campaign, we needed to shift the negative perception that fake lashes are difficult to wear.

How do we position Glam Lashes as a must-have beauty accessory and drive consideration by addressing ease of use issues?


Position Manicare Glam Lashes as an accessible, must-have beauty accessory by demonstrating their ease of use and transformative effect on appearance, thereby increasing consumer confidence and driving product consideration.


Women would love to wear lashes more often if they were a) confident that they were easy to use and b) confident about the way it made them look.

The idea

We conducted a social experiment with two influencers that showcased the difference between wearing glam lashes and not wearing glam lashes.

The Results

12.8 million

campaign impressions

6 million

reach through influencers


sales increase during campaign period

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