From Industry Challenger to Trading Platform Leader

moomoo Australia

From Industry Challenger to Trading Platform Leader

We helped moomoo, a global trading and investment platform, succesfully launch into the Australian market with an integrated media approach.


moomoo Australia, Australia’s first AI-powered trading platform, launched in 2022 into a competitve market that has goliths that dominate the category.

REBORN’s was tasked by moomoo to drive awareness amongst active, everyday Australian traders and ensure that customer acquistion exceeded the targets.

moomoo Australia From Industry Challenger to Trading Platform Leader


The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, trust and conversion for moomoo in Australia. The visibility of moomoo’s platform was to be carefully driven through Publishers, Content, PR and Influencers in order to attract long-term customers. 

Launching moomoo Australia From Industry Challenger to Trading Platform Leader

Our approach

REBORN built moomoo’s target audiences based on consumer needs, their motivations and relationship to the category.

The campaign was launched in a phased approach to support moomoo in optimising their customer conversion tracking and messaging for the Australian market.

Collaborating with the internal moomoo performance team, REBORN ensured that global learnings were applied relevantly to the Australian market to address unique challenges and opportunities.

Through our campaign, REBORN planned and executed a paid media campaign in BVOD, high impact OOH, transit and office, finance publisher content and editorial sponsorship, audio and podcast sponsorship, digital performance and social media.

REBORN Responsibility

Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Paid Media Management


8.93% CTR

captured CTR across Google Display Ads 


recorded users to the trading platform

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