Bringing families Back to their Favourite Tradition

North Stradbroke Island

Bringing families Back
to their Favourite Tradition

We directed more eyes towards the beauty and culture of North Stradbroke Island to help Aussie families find the holiday destination they’d want to return to every year.


Since Stradbroke Island was previously a salt mining town, its identity as a beautiful family holiday destination remained unknown to many Australians. Having worked with Stradbroke Island before, REBORN was in an excellent position to boost visitation to the beautiful destination again for the upcoming summer in December 2023.


As visitation of North Stradbroke Island had decreased, it was REBORN’s job to figure out where best to allocate Stradbroke’s Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to incentivise new families to visit. A key aim was to communicate the wholesome beauty of the island that suited couples and families and maintain the cultural respect for the land.

North Stradbroke Island - Bringing families Back to their Favourite Tradition

Our Approach

From our 2018 creative, “Where a trip becomes tradition”, we knew that the only hurdle was convincing families to try North Stradbroke Island in the first place. Once they went there, we knew that they’d want to go back, from the testimonials and returning customers identified in our previous campaign.


REBORN segmented audiences by aligning various visitor experiences, such as reconnection with nature, to the unique demographics within our overall target audience. They were meticulously targeted with organic social, paid ads and influencer content across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This drove awareness and traffic through to specific tactical offers on the Stradbroke Island Tourism website. Through an agile approach to campaign optimisation, we assessed influencer performance in terms of impressions and conversions after launch week, and reallocated budget to the influencers achieving the best ROI.

REBORN Responsibility

Communications strategy
Creative direction
Social Media Management
Paid Media Management 

“REBORN’s approach to the North Stradbroke Island tourism campaign was equal parts strategic and innovative. The creative completely embodied the essence of the Island, and we began seeing results in the digital space and among our businesses almost instantly.”

Chris Martin

Marketing Director
North Stradbroke Chamber of Commerce



Impressions across TikTok, Facebook and Instagram

81 Conversions

Generated 81  Sealink ferry bookings

4.83% CTR

Recorded website CTR 

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