Where a trip becomes tradition

“Where a trip becomes a tradition”- New destination marketing campaign from REBORN highlights Straddie’s appeal.


Straddie Chamber of Commerce


Straddie Island

The Insight

Using research gathered by the Queensland University, REBORN created a campaign that brands North Stradbroke Island as a destination that draws people back again and again. The research showed over 73% of tourists will return on multiple occasions - highlighting that more than a one-off trip, it's a destination to create a holiday tradition.


The Idea

To build on the authenticity of North Stradbroke Island, the film has real telephone conversations with regular visitors and a soundtrack written and performed by local musicians. This along with stunning imagery of what the island has to offer, come together to paint an authentic picture of the unique experience.

The aim of this new campaign is to increase public awareness of unique tourism opportunities, authentic cultural experiences, and it being the perfect setting for plenty of rest and relaxation with the family and loved ones.


Alongside the integrated media campaign and full rebrand, REBORN are working with the islands operators such as hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other businesses to help them develop their own digital marketing campaigns. Part of REBORN’s ongoing strategy will see a new destination website and the implementation of a marketing cooperative that provides local businesses with shared creative services and group media buying through REBORN.