Peroni Passagio

Peroni is an Italian beer that takes pride in its heritage and style.

How do we create an in-venue activation that will drive consumer engagement and awareness of Peroni’s sponsorship at four different events?


Maximise consumer engagement and amplify awareness of Peroni’s event sponsorships by delivering an innovative in-venue activation that transports attendees to Italy, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create an immersive experience that embodies the brand’s heritage and style.


In the world of fashion, people are surrounded by artistry and originality. They have come to expect the unexpected.

The idea

The word ‘Passage’ may have different meanings but in every sense it conjures imagination and intrigue. We decided to take our audience on a passage to Italy via Peroni as our guide.

Using a hacked video wall and a polarized mirror, we turned a white booth into a different world. Lifelike audio completed the sensory immersion, enveloping visitors in Italian chic.

The Results


at major Peroni sponsored events around Australia

'Best in Class'

as listed in Peroni’s Global Marketing Toolkit

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