Byron Writers' Festival

Promoting ‘Radical Hope’ in 2022

The Byron Bay Writers’ Festival is an annual literary festival that takes place in Byron Bay, Australia. The festival brings together writers, readers, and thinkers from around the world to celebrate and explore literature in all its forms.


Following two years of cancellations due to COVID, the 2022 festival, themed ‘Radical Hope’, needed to re-engage it’s loyal following and entice new visitors. REBORN were engaged to help drive awareness and ticket sales for the festival.


Develop a digital campaign strategy for Byron Bay Writers’ Festival to attract additional interstate and intrastate visitors to the 2022 event website and convert web traffic into ticket sales.

Byron Writers' Festival Promoting ‘Radical Hope’ in 2022

Our approach

Using first-party data and detailed planning, REBORN developed a highly targeted digital campaign strategy that included demographic and geographic targeting to ensure that the campaign was delivered specifically to the target audience most likely to attend the festival

REBORN Responsibility

Communications strategy
Creative direction
Paid Media
Social media


Over 700,000

Australians reached

Over 170%

return on ad

6.4M Total Reach

across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

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