SAXA Refill Your Favourites


Refill Your Favourites


The SAXA brand is ubiquitous within the seasoning category, but was later than its competitors to launch a more sustainable, refillable version of its grinder products. The launch of its refillable salt and pepper grinders marked the first creative promotion for the brand in a very long time. 


Launch new SAXA refillable grinders into the market as a premium offering that people would be proud to display on their home’s dining room tables.

The challenge

The challenge for REBORN was to make SAXA’s foray into the refillable segment feel new, premium and interesting despite competitors already having refillable products on shelf for quite some time. 

Our Idea

REBORN developed the creative idea “Refill Your Favourites”, leveraging SAXA’s longstanding brand equity.  Limited to static executions, the visuals hero the stylish design of the refillable grinders in pride of place at the dining room table from breakfast through to dinner.

REBORN Responsibility

  • Communications strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Product photoshoot
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design

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