Skip the cold, Not the special

How we convinced Aussies to skip the cold, not the special with Heinz Soup Of The Day


Kraft Heinz


Soup of the Day


Heinz Soup Of The Day, a range of ambient soup pouches from Kraft Heinz, is a part of a cluttered and highly competitive category. Facing challenges for market share from both budget and premium competitors, REBORN’s job was to build saliency of the range in the soup category, as well as clearly communicate the brand’s meaningful difference of “Cafe inspired flavours” to set it apart.


• Increase the brands meaningful difference
• Drive quality and taste credentials
• Communicate that Heinz Soup Of The Day meets consumers needs of convenience, warmth and range of flavours

the challenge

In a society obsessed with cafe culture, how do we position Heinz Soup Of The Day as a legitimate lunch or dinner option that is delicious, convenient and affordable?

our idea

Our creative goal was to communicate that consumers can “Skip The Cold, Not The Special” with Heinz Soup Of The Day. We wanted to show consumers that they don’t need to leave the comfort of home and face the harsh winter elements in order to enjoy a delicious range of cafe inspired soups… they don’t even need to take their trackies off!

Working with French animators Monsieur Walter, REBORN developed bespoke chalk-style animations reminiscent of a cafe specials board, designed to capture the cold and miserable feeling of having to step outside on a winter’s day. The campaign then positioned Heinz Soup Of The Day as the solution to the winter woes: a range cafe inspired soup suitable for any mood.

To drive contextual relevance and creative cut through, the campaign also features clever creative executions that speak to specific weather conditions, which are dynamically targeted through the Weatherzone app based on weather forecasts.

Ensuring that the creative idea was consistent across all channels, REBORN also developed digital out of home creative that delivered our “Skip The Cold, Not The Special” creative idea, while also driving packshot recognition and driving consumers to the ambient soups aisle.

The campaign ran across Video on Demand, digital, social, Spotify, and OOH.

REBORN responsibilities
  • Communications strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Product photoshoot
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Motion