Global Cloud Xchange

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Global Cloud Xchange delivers managed services, telecommunications infrastructure, and cloud computing to large scale retailers, logistics, financial and business services in more than 160 countries.

How do we create an engaging online experience that mirrors the innovative and market leading nature of the Global Cloud Xchange business?


Craft an engaging and intuitive online experience for Global Cloud Xchange that reflects the company’s innovative spirit and market leadership, making its complex services relatable and understandable by demonstrating their impact on daily life.

The insight

Technology can at times feel sterile and hard to understand. In order to create a connection with people, we must humanise the technology. We used this insight when developing Global Cloud Xchange’s new global website.

The idea

Showcase the impact Global Cloud Xchange has on everyday life.

The Results


increase in website visits


overall site structure

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Peroni Passagio


Peroni Passagio