Tomorrow Super

Superannuation is an industry that has been suffering from lack of choice, transparency and control for a long time. It is ripe for disruption.

With our expertise in incubating start-up and growth businesses, we were brought on board to create a modern super fund brand and develop an integrated marketing strategy to launch it to the Australian market.


Launch TOMORROW Super as a disruptive force in the Australian superannuation market, offering a modern, direct-to-consumer super fund that prioritises choice, transparency, and control, thereby re-engaging Australians with their superannuation and paving the way for a new era of personalised financial planning.

The insight

We live in a world where consumers now expect more from the brands they choose. Some industries are forging ahead, discovering new ways to engage with their consumer and tailoring their offering to fit in with their lives.

The one size fits all approach has resulted in Australians being heavily disengaged with traditional Super funds, leaving opportunity for innovation in the category.

The idea

We have helped create what we believe is Australia’s most progressive Super Fund – a direct-to-consumer managed account that gives clients choice, transparency and control to help them make the right decision for their future.

Tradition is out. TOMORROW is in.

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