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Trend Spotting

‘Tis the season

What a year it’s been! As we’re closing in on the end of 2017, we’d like to thank everyone for all the hardwork and support we’ve had. So - to show our appreciation - we’ve created a short series to help spread the festive cheer.

Madeleine Venga

Social Intern


Diary of an Intern

I've resigned from my job working in a law firm to pursue a job or any type of experience in Marketing. I'm sure its luck but I managed to get myself an internship at a Digital Marketing Agency.

Bronte Wilson

Art Director


Hey LinkedIn, Squeeze This

Dear myself, two years ago. Listen up. Talent is cool. Talent is great. Talent is important, but it ain't as important as hard work and an eagerness to get amongst it.

Nikki Gatland

People & Culture Manager


New Year, New You. The Work Edition

We all remember the excitement we felt when we received our current job offer, full of eagerness and gratefulness to be given the chance to work. However, fast forward a year or two, and some of us begin to feel quite the opposite, uninspired, demotivated and annoyed we even have to work.

Andrew Thomas

Creative Director UK


Tips On Branding

The term 'branding' is often confused with a visual identity. We've come a long way from burning our products with hot irons, but some companies still think their brand is their visual mark. Below are some points to help you think differently.

Marie Powichroski

Junior Business Manager


How Brands Can Cut Through The Christmas Clutter

'Tis supposedly the season of sharing joy and laughter with the ones we love, yet never are the airwaves crammed with more messages of soulless and shameless consumerism than Christmas.

Ellis Van Der Wulp

Content & Community Manager

Trend Spotting

The Not-So Secret Weapon of Social Influence

Influencer Marketing is hotter than ever. With ad-blockers making it increasingly hard for brands to reach and engage their audience, the social media influencer is advertising's not-so secret weapon.

Keith Macpherson



Follow The Audience Into Creative Depths

The advertising space is so crowded now with so many different forms of media that it has become a little overwhelming. Not just for our audiences, but for the creators too: in such a busy space, how do we grab our audience's attention?

Ellis Van Der Wulp

Content & Community Manager


The Universal Inbox

Facebook has called it 'The Evolution of Conversation'. From sharing photos with friends to voicing consumer enquiries, people worldwide now prefer chat apps over other forms of conversation.

Russell Turner

Strategy Director


Remember Your Brand When Designing Your Customer Experience

As customers flit between online and offline dimensions, brands scramble to keep up. It's become a strategic marketing imperative to provide a seamless and effortless customer experience across online and offline customer touchpoints.

Crystal Robinson- Carroll

Business Management Executive


Spotlight on Gen Z: the Generation your Brand May be Missing

Unique in their primarily digital access to the world around them, they have a new threshold of behaviours and beliefs differing from the currently-hot Gen Y target. Though young, this generation already holds a strong economic influence, and brands are truly missing an opportunity if they haven't already begun to market directly to these individuals.

Nikki Gatland

People & Culture Manager


The Key Ingredient to a Great Company Culture

Culture is a word thrown around a lot, but contrary to popular belief it's not all about nights out on the boss, and boozy parties.

Madeleine Jönsson

Creative Intern


A Snap Shot of Snap Specs

When Instagram Stories launched early last month in a shameless copycat approach to Snapchat Stories, it was made clear that Snapchat's next move would have to be a bold one.

Russell Turner

Strategy Director


How Technology Exposes Advertising’s Lethal Gene

Since Charles Darwin penned On the Origin of Species back in 1859, terms like natural selection have become part of our lexicon. I want to use the evolution metaphor to consider what's happening to advertising today.

Mark Rosenberg



The Magic is in the Medium

Great work should take channels into account. In today's digital world it's more important than ever. In 2016 brands have a plethora of options to engage audiences. Sure, campaigns can be shoehorned into multiple mediums, but a blanket approach won't equal attention. To take advantage of today's technology ideas should align with the platform.

Ellis Van Der Wulp

Content & Community Manager

Trend Spotting

360° Immersive Video

Few trends have impacted social media like virtual reality has. Digital prophets predicted the explosion of VR in social media use for 2016 and it didn't take long for brands to delve in.