Diary of a Social Media Intern


The first four weeks of a social media intern’s experience in a digital marketing agency.

Diary of a Designer Intern

I’ve resigned from my job working in a law firm to pursue a job or any type of experience in Marketing. I’m sure its luck but I managed to get myself an internship at a Digital Marketing Agency. This is the diary of my first month at REBORN:

Week 1

Day 1; Set up with an email and all the log ins. This isn’t just an internship; this is an INTERNSHIP. Thrown into what I thought, was the deep end, I started by getting to know the ins and outs of the clients and their needs. It was then that I realised that this wasn’t coffee runs and printing. I was doing actual adult work.

By the third day I reckon I had 3 years of experience under my belt. I felt like a professional, despite wearing a pink jumpsuit. Still very nervous but trying to get the hang of things. The office is one-of-a-kind, by my standards. Music plays throughout the office and there are couches in front of a TV with an X-box, which is where we have morning meetings. Still a bit nervous to get to know everyone but feeling really welcomed and learning WAY more than expected so soon.

Week 2

Feeling a bit more confident to get to know people and start venturing into new projects. I’m really lucky that I’m not stuck doing one task the whole time. Still haven’t worked out where everyone is getting lunch from but that’s for next week. Everyone eats really healthy here, going to start bringing in salads #newyear #newme.

It’s my 20th birthday mid-week of my second week here and I die, they brought me a donut and a balloon and sang me happy birthday! Can you even I think I’m the youngest here but that’s okay, only been called 12 once. My job is to check Facebook and Instagram; I’m 20 and for work I check Facebook and Instagram.

I have to do this thing called moderation, where I have to reply to comments and messages sent to our clients. And if I’m honest I’m not very good at it. Maybe because people on social media are complaining about the same thing, or I don’t have the patience, but I really need to step up my game. I do love however, putting together reports, writing and editing case studies, as well as proof reading articles.

Week 3

Day 13; I finally worked out where everyone is getting lunch. I’ve got the hang of moderation, I think. Still not used to getting offered a glass of wine at 5 o’clock but thoroughly enjoying it. The more I do, the more I know that this is exactly what I want to be doing. The girls who sit next to me are working on big client pitches, only jealous that I don’t get to do the same thing, have to remember I’m 20 and need to graduate before I’m qualified enough to do them too (or anything really).

Resisting the urge to wear active wear to work and trying to stay somewhat professional in a multi-coloured multi-patterned sun dress. Managed to muster up the courage to ask for the Wi-Fi password as I’m over my monthly data budget and living the life of an unpaid intern. So three weeks in and I think I’m doing well. Not going to lie, the novelty of going to work EVERY day has worn off.

With three weeks (3 years in my head) of marketing experience under my belt, I’ve learnt 3 big things. Firstly, people on social media aren’t afraid to voice their opinions about a product or service; secondly, most ideas (no matter how cool you think they are) are considered by others average at best. Thirdly, no matter how nervous you are, voice your opinions, ideas and challenge your peers, it’s the best way to learn. An internship is about learning and growing in an environment that may be unfamiliar or new.

Week 4

This week marks one month working here! If I’m honest, my jealousy towards the girls working on pitches and accounts is growing. I guess I have that to look forward too, but as childish as it may sound, I want to do it now! I’m learning a lot about the marketing culture and the people in it, which is just further solidifying my desire to work in this industry. Still fighting myself on wearing active wear to work, or the urge to cry when it’s raining and I have to walk the kilometre to the office.

My favourite task that I’ve been assigned is this article. It’s allowing me to take time out and reflect on this experience and all the things that I am learning. My mentor is very patient and it turns out only NOW am I actually getting the hang of moderation. Embarrassingly it’s taken me this long, might need to work on my ability to empathise with complaining consumers.

Having a mentor has honestly been the best part about this experience. She’s a little older than me and low-key my role model; at the moment. She is the person teaching me the most and helping me figure out what I like and am actually good at. #blessed (am I allowed to say that?)


Written by Madeleine Venga

Social Intern at REBORN