Marketing Automation automation

Marketing automation platforms can transform how we achieve better results with less complication. Marketing automation techniques such as on-site tracking, linking CRM, Social and Sales activity to deliver personalised digital communication means we’re always looking to deliver the right message to the right person at the specific stage of their funnel.

We can work with you on strategic planning, implementation on existing or new systems and can consult on the best system for your particular needs. Our experience with clients has ranged from Hubspot, Salesforce and Pardot, Infusionsoft and SharpSpring.

Whether you’re a B2B brand looking for more leads, or a Consumer brand looking to engage your audience through relevant and well timed content we can help you navigate the complex world of Marketing Automation.

Digital agencies use the power of technology to streamline the entire marketing process. REBORN is a smart and creative digital agency with the ability to tailor marketing efforts based on detailed analysis and automation. Old-fashioned broadcasting and promotional guesswork are no longer needed, with our innovative team able to track, analyse and automate your messaging for maximum results at minimum cost.

We achieve better results with less complication and offer a scalable service that adapts to your changing needs. We provide marketing automation through on-site tracking, customer relationship management (CRM) linking, and social and sales activity. We use data to conduct analysis and produce personal digital communications across timelines and platforms.

When you have access to real-time data, you can track market interest, target specific user groups, and refine your delivery protocols to make sure the right person has access to the right message at the right time.

Getting the word across is no longer enough — we use technology to create tailored messages at precise locations and specific stages of the sales funnel.

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The marketing automation process

  • Collect data – Data is the currency of the 21st century, with access to data helping to define knowledge, relevance, and success. At REBORN, our marketing efforts start with detailed data collection. From Google services to bespoke software tools, we track market interest, audience attention, and sales activity across platforms and channels.
  • Analyse and review – We review data with a fine-toothed comb to highlight important information and filter out the noise. Everything is based on considered analysis and constant review, with graphs, charts, and reports delivered to ensure good decision-making from the outset.
  • Adjust and refine – We run a flexible operation and make changes where needed. Once we have reviewed your existing marketing efforts, we will make smart adjustments to ensure maximum impact from minimum effort. From the quality of the content to the timing of the delivery, adaptation is the key to improvement.
  • Feedback and iteration – A persistent work ethic and an iterative approach to development are needed to ensure continual improvement. We constantly review and update our systems in real-time to create a seamless loop between effort and reward. Once we have made changes, data is collected, analysis is carried out, and refinements are made as the great work continues.

At REBORN, we can work with you on consultation, strategic planning, production, implementation and review. We have vast experience working with small and large clients across locations and industry sectors. Whether you’re a B2B brand looking for more leads or a consumer-focused business looking to engage your audience, our strategies work better through the power of automation.


Who needs marketing automation?

All business types and industry sectors can benefit from data analysis and marketing automation. Instead of relying on a traditional broadcasting approach, technology allows you to target specific user groups and funnel communications for a unique customer journey. When you measure the success of your efforts, you have the opportunity to automate the entire process for greater control and efficiency.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation enables a tighter feedback loop between your brand and the people who define your success. Instead of trying to reach everyone with slow and inefficient manual processes, you can segment your market, analyse your results, and refine your marketing over time. We implement a programmatic strategy to improve market reach and enhance the customer experience.

Does marketing automation really work?

When combined with insightful branding strategies and quality content delivery, marketing automation can be incredibly effective. Data analysis and automation tools help you to adjust your stance and refine your messaging over time. Instead of waiting for months to see results, you will benefit from immediate outcomes, continual improvement, and maximum spending efficiency.

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How does REBORN choose the right marketing automation platform for my business?

We start by diving deep into your business goals and your unique challenges. Then we match those needs with the features of various platforms. It’s like matchmaking but for business tech. We also consider your budget and your team’s skills to ensure you’re not biting off more than you can chew.

Can marketing automation help with customer retention?

Absolutely, it’s a game-changer for keeping customers around. With marketing automation services, you can send personalised messages at just the right times. Imagine sending a special discount code right when someone’s thinking of leaving. It’s like having a sixth sense for customer needs.

What types of content can be automated?

From emails and social media posts to customer surveys, the sky’s the limit. We help you identify which types of content will most engage your audience. Then we set up automated campaigns to deliver that content when it’ll have the most impact.

How secure is my data in a marketing automation system?

Rest assured, your data’s safety is non-negotiable for us. Partnering only with platforms that adhere to stringent security protocols, we make sure your information is as secure as a vault. Not just anyone can access it; we’re talking about a highly restricted area here. 

On top of that, we conduct regular security audits and timely updates. So, if a new security feature becomes available, we implement it straight away. You can sleep easy knowing your data is locked up tight.

Is marketing automation suitable for small businesses?

It definitely is! Small businesses can gain heaps from marketing automation. Imagine having a super-smart assistant who never sleeps. It can handle more tasks, making it a smart investment for the long haul. This means you can allot your much-needed budget and resources to other aspects of your business that need it and still get the work done!

How do marketing automation services integrate with my existing CRM?

Seamlessly. We make sure the platform we choose can talk to your CRM system. That way, all your customer data is in one place, making it easier to create personalised campaigns. It’s like your CRM and automation platform are best mates.

Can I personalise customer journeys using marketing automation?

You bet. With marketing automation services, you can set up custom paths that change based on how people interact with your brand. It’s like each customer gets their own personal guide through your business.

What metrics should I track to measure the success of marketing automation?

Metrics are the compass that guides our marketing journey. We focus on the ones that tell us if we’re heading in the right direction. Customer engagement shows us how much people like your content. Conversion rates tell us if they’re taking the actions you want, like buying a product. 

ROI is the most important one. It is the perfect sign to tell us if the money you spend on marketing comes back to you as profits. But we don’t stop at the obvious numbers. We dig deeper. Customer lifetime value helps us understand how much a customer might spend over time. The churn rate shows us how many customers you’re losing. These deeper metrics help us fine-tune your marketing machine, making sure it’s not just running but running well.

How quickly can I expect to see results from marketing automation?

The timeline for seeing results isn’t set in stone, but many clients notice improvements within the first couple of months. Think of it as nurturing a plant. You water it, give it sunlight, and you’ll see it sprout and grow after a bit of patience. 

Similarly, marketing automation services need a little time to show their full potential. The more data we collect, the better we can tailor the strategy to get you those results faster.

Do I need a dedicated team to manage marketing automation?

Not necessarily. The systems we design are very user-friendly, so you can manage it whether you hire new staff or go with your current team. It goes without saying that if you do encounter issues, we’re just a phone call or an email away. 

Our support doesn’t end once the system is running, so consider us your ongoing safety net. So, you’re never flying solo; we’re your co-pilots, ensuring a smooth journey in the world of automated marketing.