The Key Ingredient to a Great Company Culture


Discover how celebrating the whole person within your organisation can transform your company culture, boost employee engagement, and drive success in Australia’s dynamic business landscape.


When we talk about what makes a company culture truly stand out, there’s something uniquely Aussie about recognising the hard yards put in both inside and outside the office. It’s about seeing your team not just as workers but as people – folks who have lives, dreams, and achievements that stretch beyond their job descriptions.

Why Personal Recognition Matters

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Have you ever noticed how a simple “Good on ya” can light up someone’s day? It’s because being seen and appreciated for our efforts – all of them – makes us feel valued. In the workplace, this goes beyond applauding sales targets hit or projects completed. It’s about celebrating those personal milestones, like running a marathon, volunteering, or even mastering a new recipe. 

This approach makes employees feel seen and fosters a sense of belonging and community.

The Aussie Way – Work-Life Balance

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We Aussies pride ourselves on not letting work consume our lives. Integrating this belief into your company culture – through flexible work arrangements or encouraging time off to pursue passions – isn’t just good for the soul and business. Employees who feel their personal time is valued often show up more energised and committed.

Real-life Success Stories

Take, for example, a local tech startup that introduced “Passion Projects” – allowing employees to dedicate work time to personal projects that benefit the wider community. The result? A surge in innovative ideas and a team more connected to their work and each other than ever before.

Here are some Australian companies that are doing company culture right:

  • Atlassian is known for its strong emphasis on work-life balance, flexible working options, and a dynamic workplace. 
  • Canva similarly prioritises a culture of inclusivity and support, providing employees with personal and professional development resources. 
  • Another example is Envato, which fosters a community environment that encourages creativity and personal growth. 
  • Reborn.co prides itself on nurturing a creative and inclusive environment where employees are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work. By valuing not just the professional achievements but also the personal milestones and well-being of its team, it cultivates a supportive and dynamic workplace.

These companies exemplify how embracing the whole-person approach can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Tips for Implementing in Your Workplace

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Start small if you need to. Here are some surefire steps you can take to make your workplace more personnel-friendly:

Celebrate Personal Milestones

Kick off meetings by giving shout-outs to personal achievements, whether it’s someone’s hobby project, reaching a fitness goal, or community service.

Introduce Flexible Working Arrangements

Offer options for remote work, flexible hours, or a four-day workweek to honour work-life balance.

Create a ‘Passion Project’ Program

Allocate time each month for employees to work on projects they’re passionate about that also benefit the company or community.

Monthly Recognition Events

Host casual get-togethers where the team can celebrate both work-related and personal accomplishments over the past month.

Encourage Peer Recognition

Implement a platform or system where employees can recognise each other’s contributions, helping to build a supportive and connected culture.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that celebrate their employees as whole individuals rather than just workers can reap tangible benefits such as increased engagement rates, reduced turnover, and the ability to attract top talent. 

Recognising and valuing each team member’s full spectrum of achievements and challenges can transform a workplace, making it more ethical, fair, and welcoming. If you’re ready to take your company culture to the next level, it’s time to embrace the whole person and lead the change.

Want to learn more about creating a vibrant company culture that drives success? Dive into Reborn.co’s insights and strategies tailored for Australian businesses.