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Social media’s landscape is constantly evolving, offering fresh challenges and opportunities. This year has been no exception, bringing many new features and trends that marketers and users need to understand. Keeping abreast of these changes is crucial for anyone looking to make an impact in the digital world.


Facebook continues to shape the social media experience with its latest updates. The platform has introduced several new features and algorithm modifications to enhance user engagement. These changes significantly impact how content reaches audiences, necessitating a strategic shift for marketers.

Threads App Enhancements

Meta has significantly upgraded the web version of its Threads app. Previously limited to viewing profiles, the app allows users to engage with posts and create threads directly from a desktop browser. This game-changer is for social media managers and marketers who operate predominantly from laptops, streamlining their workflow and encouraging more time spent on the platform​​.

Meta Verified Service

Meta is introducing a paid verification service called Meta Verified. This subscription service, first launching in Australia and New Zealand, includes a verification badge, proactive account monitoring, increased reach, live chat support, and exclusive features. It marks a significant shift towards monetising user trust and authenticity on the platform​​.

Creator Studio and Business Suite Merger

Meta has merged its Creator Studio with the Business Suite. This consolidation simplifies the content management and advertising process for creators and businesses, offering a more streamlined experience​​.

New Group Engagement Features

Facebook has introduced new features focusing on group engagement, including Reels for Groups, expanded admin features, and additional Instagram integrations. These updates signify a strategic move to enhance user engagement within community groups on the platform​​.

Reels and Bonus Programs for Creators

Facebook has launched Reels, a new video-sharing feature, in the US. This feature, similar to Instagram Reels, allows creators to build a wider audience and engage more effectively on the platform. Additionally, Facebook has introduced bonus programs like Reels Play, incentivising creators for the viewership of their content. Such initiatives mark a significant push towards more creative and interactive content on the platform​​.

Facebook Pay Rollout

Facebook is expanding Facebook Pay to select countries, allowing users to send and receive money across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This feature is a significant step towards streamlining online transactions and integrating payment solutions within the social media ecosystem​​.

Revised Ad Policy and Review Process

Facebook has updated its ad policy review process, emphasising the importance of adhering to strict advertising policies. The use of machine learning methods for ad review and the possibility of human revision highlights Facebook’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of advertising on the platform​​.

Commitment to Online Safety

Facebook has made strides in enhancing online safety. Measures include decreasing the prevalence of violent content and hate speech on the platform. These efforts demonstrate a continuous commitment to creating a safer online environment for users and businesses​​.


This year, Instagram has upped its game with innovative tools and interface updates, transforming how users interact and brands connect. These changes, including enhanced story features and more sophisticated analytics tools, offer exciting opportunities for creative marketing.

Polls in Comments & Longer Reels

Instagram is testing polls in comments and has increased the duration of Reels to 10 minutes, offering more creative flexibility for content creators​​.

Improved Reels Editing & Analytics

Enhancements in Reel editing and more sophisticated analytics tools are now available, providing creators with better insights and control over their content​​.

Quiet Mode Feature

It is introduced to help users manage their time on the app, especially for teens. This feature reflects Instagram’s commitment to user well-being​​.

Navigation Bar Changes

Instagram has simplified its navigation bar, placing content creation and Reels as prominent features. This change indicates a focus on user-generated content and the importance of Reels in the platform’s ecosystem​​.

‘Gifts’ for Monetisation

A new feature allows creators to earn money from their followers through virtual gifts, expanding monetisation opportunities on the platform​​.

Comment With GIFs

Users can now respond to comments using GIFs, enhancing post engagement and interaction​​.

Focus on Video Content

Instagram continues to prioritise video content, with Reels playing a significant role. Marketers are leveraging Instagram Shopping tools, with 79% already using them and one in three planning to use them for the first time​​.

Brand Awareness and Advertising Goals

Increasing brand awareness and advertising products/services are top goals for Instagram marketers. They accomplish this by creating engaging content like videos, particularly Reels, the most popular and effective format across social platforms​​.

Revenue Through Instagram Shopping Tools

Instagram Shopping tools offer the highest ROI, with 94% of marketers planning to maintain or increase their investment in these tools. Instagram Live Shopping and Instagram Shops are among the most leveraged shopping tools​​.

Building Customer Relationships and Community

Marketers focus on interacting with their audience and creating content that encourages engagement. This strategy is crucial for building meaningful customer relationships and fostering community on the platform​​.

Effective Use of Calls to Action

Including calls to action like “like,” “share,” or “save” in content is crucial. These actions are vital metrics that Instagram monitors and play a significant role in promoting content on the platform​​.

Audience Growth Strategies

The top strategies for growing an Instagram audience are interactive and engaging stories, user engagement, and influencer partnerships. Additionally, sharing content on various channels and diversifying content to attract a wider audience is essential for growth​​.

Twitter / X

X Formerly Twitter logo

Twitter has made significant policy shifts, reflecting its commitment to a more user-friendly and authentic platform. These adjustments are changing the way we interact with content and each other. A notable change is the stricter regulation of automated activities, influencing content distribution and user engagement.

This section delves into the implications of these changes and offers practical advice on navigating the new Twitter landscape effectively.

Rebranding to X

In a significant move, Twitter has been rebranded as “X.” This change, announced by Elon Musk, signifies a new era for the platform, aiming to redefine its identity and purpose in the social media landscape​​.

Daily Tweet Limit

Twitter has introduced limits on how many tweets users can read daily to address issues like data scraping and system manipulation. This limit is set at 6000 posts/day for verified accounts and lower for unverified ones. This change aims to ensure the authenticity of interactions on the platform​​.

Transparency in Recommendation Algorithm

In a move towards greater transparency, Twitter has released the source code of its recommendation algorithm on GitHub. The release aims to shed light on how Twitter filters and ranks content, which is crucial for users and marketers to understand the dynamics of content visibility and engagement on the platform​​.

Verification behind Twitter Blue Paywall

Account verification on Twitter has been moved behind the Twitter Blue paywall. This move indicates a shift towards a subscription-based model for certain features, potentially impacting the dynamics of user verification and authenticity on the platform​​.

Multimedia Tweets and Edit Tweet Feature

Twitter has introduced the capability to mix and match media formats in a single tweet, enhancing the content creation experience. Additionally, the much-anticipated Edit Tweet feature has been rolled out, allowing users to correct their tweets within certain limits, improving the user experience and content quality​​.

CoTweet Feature

A new CoTweet feature enables users to co-author tweets, fostering collaboration and community engagement. This feature could be a game-changer for brand partnerships and influencer collaborations on the platform​​.

Notes for Longer Content

Introducing “Notes” allows for longer content on Twitter, a significant departure from its traditional character limit. This feature could transform the nature of content shared on Twitter, appealing to users who prefer more detailed and in-depth content​​.

Product Drops Reminder Feature

This feature enables users to receive reminders about product launches, enhancing Twitter’s utility for marketers and businesses. It indicates Twitter’s increasing focus on integrating e-commerce and marketing functionalities​​.

Twitter Create for Monetisation

Twitter Create, a monetisation hub for creators, mirrors efforts by other platforms to support content creators financially. This initiative reflects the growing importance of the creator economy on social media platforms​​.


Pinterest is redefining content discovery with its innovative approach. The platform now offers a ‘Following’ tab, accentuating new Pins from the people and boards users follow. This feature enhances the personalised experience, uniquely encouraging exploration and discovery. 

By focusing on this user-centric approach, Pinterest distinguishes itself in social media, providing marketers with a fresh avenue for visual storytelling and brand promotion.

Shuffles App by Pinterest

Pinterest has introduced ‘Shuffles,’ an iOS app for creating interactive collages and mood boards. This app is fully integrated with Pinterest and includes a content feed, likes, hashtags, and a search bar. Shuffles stands out with its interactive collage-making functionality, offering a new dimension to visual storytelling on social media​​.

New Social Commerce Features

‘Your Shop’ is a new feature on Pinterest that tailors product suggestions based on user preferences and past activities. This development enhances the platform’s e-commerce capabilities, making it a more attractive option for businesses seeking to connect with consumers through visually-driven shopping experiences​​.


LinkedIn is no longer just a platform for job seekers and professional content. It’s evolving into a vibrant community where video content, including new sticker and text options, plays a key role. 

This shift presents new opportunities for users to engage with their network and for brands to showcase their expertise more dynamically. Leveraging these features, users can now enhance their professional branding and networking strategies on LinkedIn.

Improved Video Accessibility

LinkedIn is adding automated captions for videos uploaded to the platform, which are currently available only in English. This update, along with the introduction of a high contrast mode for the LinkedIn app, aims to enhance the accessibility of videos for users with visual impairments or low vision​​.

Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager

The platform has updated its Campaign Manager to allow advertisers to add alternative text descriptions to images in their ads. This functionality benefits blind or visually impaired users, ensuring a more inclusive advertising experience​​.

Updates to Job Search

LinkedIn is transforming the job search process. The platform tests personalised job collections, making it easier for casual job seekers to discover opportunities that align with their values and interests, such as upskilling and work-life balance​​.

Updates to B2B Product Search

LinkedIn has launched Product Pages to assist members in exploring products that meet their needs, focusing on connecting them with community experts. The platform plans to add new category filters and improve the relevance of the Product Pages, creating a more personalised experience​​.

Post Scheduling

Responding to user demand, LinkedIn now allows for scheduling and planning posts in advance. This feature enhances content management for brands and professionals, providing greater control over content dissemination​​.

Content Analytics

LinkedIn updates its creator analytics dashboard to include audience data and top-performing content. This update will enable users to understand better their audience’s demographics and the evolution of their following, offering insights into content effectiveness and audience engagement​​.

Practical Tips for Marketers and Users

  1. Leverage video content on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, focusing on creating engaging, short-form videos, especially Reels, to capture audience attention.
  2. Use new interactive features like Twitter’s CoTweet and Pinterest’s Shuffles app to enhance creativity and foster collaboration.
  3. Embrace e-commerce integrations across platforms, especially on Pinterest and Instagram, by tailoring your shopping experience to user preferences and activity.
  4. Adapt to changes in content discovery algorithms, like those on Twitter, by understanding how they rank and distribute content for strategic content creation.
  5. Make your content more accessible by using features such as alt text for images on LinkedIn and automated video captions, ensuring inclusivity in your marketing strategy.
  6. Schedule posts in advance on platforms like LinkedIn to manage your content effectively and maintain a consistent presence.
  7. Analyse and leverage data from updated analytics tools, like LinkedIn’s creator analytics dashboard, to understand your audience better and tailor content accordingly.
  8. Foster a sense of community by engaging with your audience through comments, direct messages, and interactive posts.
  9. Stay informed and adaptable to each platform’s evolving features and trends to maintain relevance and effectiveness in your social media strategy.


The ever-changing social media landscape presents challenges and opportunities for marketers and users alike. Embracing the dynamic nature of these platforms, you can enhance engagement, reach a wider audience, and maintain relevance in the digital space. 

Utilising the latest features and trends, from video content to e-commerce integrations and advanced analytics, allows for a more targeted and effective social media presence. 

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