The Magic is in the Medium

The Magic is in the Medium

Great work should take channels into account. In today’s digital world it’s more important than ever.
In 2016 brands have a plethora of options to engage audiences. Sure, campaigns can be shoehorned into multiple mediums, but a blanket approach won’t equal attention. To take advantage of today’s technology ideas should align with the platform.

Let’s look at some examples of digital ideas done right.

Snapchat, WWF #LastSelfie

Millennials are mad for Snapchat, but the ads have to fit the medium. So much so that the owner will turn off anything he thinks doesn’t think will resonate. The WWF #LastSeflie idea stands out as one of Snapchat’s most effective campaigns, because the idea of extinction perfectly aligned with Snapchat’s disappearing photos feature.


Instagram, Melanoma Patients Australia, Melanoma Likes Me

Instagram’s star rose fast, and brands thought it was easy, they simply slapped up stills from ads and stock images, that was it. Job done. Sure, sponsored posts mean content will get in front of eyeballs, but new approaches are needed to really cut through the clutter. The Melanoma Likes Me campaign does this marvellously. Creating an algorithm that responded to sun lover’s hashtags drew awareness to a danger that is largely ignored.


YouTube, Geico Unskippable Ads

Pre-roll ads are painful, but Geico’s Unskippable ad was perfectly made for the medium. By acknowledging no one wants to sit through an ad the US insurer led the way in redefining YouTube campaigns.


Tinder, Ex Machina Bot

Online romance is far from taboo these days. Five years ago people were embarrassed to admit they met on RSVP, but now Tinder dates are totally acceptable. When the film Ex Machina launched at SXSW an attractive bot seduced the techies in town, then diverted them to the film’s Instagram site. Duping consumers is never a good idea, but given the film is based on AI the idea was a perfect match.


The Take Out

Brands that post, snap and create for the sake of it are mostly wasting their time.

Insights and ideas should be top of mind, but truly great work incorporates media into ideation.


Written by Mark Rosenberg

Copywriter at REBORN