New Year, New You. The Work Edition

New Year, New You. The Work Edition


We all remember the excitement we felt when we received our current job offer, full of eagerness and (yes, you once felt this) gratefulness to be given the chance to work. However, fast forward a year or two, and some of us begin to feel quite the opposite, uninspired, demotivated and annoyed we even have to work.
As we begin a new year, many of us are playing by the motto ‘new year, new me!’. With January marking the month employees are most likely to look for a new role, this ‘new me’ often spells out ‘new job’. Whilst I absolutely encourage people to take the next step in their career, I also believe that very often job dissatisfaction is brought about by complacency. It happens in relationships, it happens with our bodies and it certainly happens in our work.
So before you make the move to hand in your notice, here are 5 ways to get that first day feeling back!

1. Get clear on what you want

Success and enjoyment in any area of your life starts with a plan.
Decide what you actually want out of your job. What would your current role look like if you were to love it? What would your ideal role look like? What are the steps you can take to incorporate these elements now? Write it down.
Defining your career goals might just remind you of why you took this role in the first place, and if not, it will certainly give you an idea of what you would like to change.

2. Conduct your own informal (inter) review.

Be conscious that most people are thinking about how to make their job/business/lives more effective as the new year starts. This includes your boss. Organise a catch up to go over your goals. Be transparent about what you want and how you would like to redefine your role. Your initiative will be greatly appreciated, any successful employer will want and indeed encourage, their employees to develop and grow.

3. Start fresh

This one is a simple 2 step process to feeling like it’s your first day, everyday:
Declutter that desk. Remember: clear space, clear mind.
Dress for success. Don those heels, put on a shirt.. looking good equals feeling good.

4. Be enthusiastic about what you do

Not only is listening to people moan about their job boring, but it perpetuates a feeling of negativity. Keep in mind that what you speak about, you bring about. The simple act of speaking positively about your job will bring about positive aspects of your work. Speak about the parts you do enjoy and the initiatives you are currently driving towards to make your work great.

5. Be consistent

We all go into the new year with grand plans of it ‘being the best year yet’. Keep in mind that ‘best years’ are made up of ‘best days’. Remember that the things you do today, affect your year, and ultimately your life. Great jobs don’t just happen, they, like anything else worth having, take effort.
I challenge you to try these 5 steps if you are currently contemplating change. Try for the next month to treat your job as though it is your first day, eager, excited and ready to take on any challenge.

You never know, as the saying goes, a change is as good as a holiday

,or a new job.


Written by Nikki Gatland

People & Culture Manager at REBORN