Maximising Brand Value & CX

Maximising Brand Value & CX

If you’re running a business, chances are you have to conceptualise and execute new brand marketing strategies on a regular basis. In order to drive growth and run a successful campaign, it’s essential to consider two key components of the marketing toolkit — CX and BX, also known as “customer experience” and “brand experience”. Before delving into how customer experience marketing and brand experience marketing can maximise your brand, let’s unpack exactly what they are.

What is CX marketing?

So what is customer experience in marketing? Well, by definition, it is the overall feeling a customer has after a unique interaction with your brand. This is a critical part of your brand identity and marketing, as it can affect the lasting impression a customer has about your business.

Using BX marketing to your advantage 

BX — or brand experience marketing — are the feelings and responses that are evoked after seeing a brand’s packaging or communicated messaging. This kind of marketing is designed to draw a connection with the consumer by using sensory or behavioural strategies to build the brand’s identity.

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How to maximise brand and customer experience marketing

Now that you have more of an understanding of these essential components, let’s take a look at BX and CX in digital marketing and how they can maximise your brand’s value.

Maximising brand experience marketing: 

  1. Know your story
    • It might seem like a no-brainer but before developing your marketing campaign, it’s essential to understand exactly what kind of message you’d like to convey and how you would like your brand’s narrative to be received.
  2. Experience is paramount
    • Above all, you want this experience to be memorable for the consumer despite the outcome. Make sure every step of the experience is polished and sells your brand identity in the best light.
  3. Consistency is key
    • Keep your brand messaging consistent across your marketing campaigns by developing a brand bible that includes notes on the tone of voice, CTAs, themes and logos.
  4. Engage with Consumers
    • The internet has revolutionised the way brands interact with consumers. A great brand experience marketing campaign is the perfect opportunity to engage with consumers and find meaningful touchpoints.
  5. Understand brand values
    • Your clearly defined brand values and ethos should be at the forefront of every customer experience marketing strategy — as this will ultimately dictate how your narrative is conveyed and how it is received.
  6. Know your customer
    • Understanding who your customer or consumer is can help you deliver the best customer experience campaign designed to make meaningful connections. Research your target market and develop consumer profiles in order to develop a clear identity to better know your customer.
  7. Interact with consumers
    • Use real-time technology to interact with consumers to add a human element. Receive feedback or offer additional information about the brand by continuing the customer experience through connection.
  8. Listen
    • Feedback is one of the most important marketing tools a brand can use to continue to elevate and better its customer experience. Listen to what the consumers are telling you, iterate your strategy and deliver an elevated customer experience campaign.
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Elevate your brand offering with digital marketing specialists

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