For many brands it is hard to break away from the global campaign direction that has been provided. In many cases Brand Managers are faced with ‘localising’ a suite of brand assets.

The problem is – we are a unique country, with different lives, outlooks, and different behaviours. Global messaging can easily get lost in the myriad of big brands with big promises. The way to touch and affect humans is to understand, inspire and play in their playgrounds. From story to tone, to placement.

Our digital world has opened up a creative explosion of touch points that can be used in many different ways, from utilities, to bite size content on counter to compelling product stories told by others; Each ‘type’ of content serves to strengthen the brand and products within it.

university‘Transmedia’ is the new buzz-word in digital advertising but what exactly does this mean? It’s a new approach to brand content and brand story telling. Taking a strategic position on the entire story and dissecting it into relevant and meaningful bite size pieces across all relevant touch points. Transmedia allows brands to create and build the story for users to be taken through the chapters naturally via various devices, activations, and experiences.

Long tail search is by far the biggest opportunity for all brands. With Google handling over 1 billion search terms each day, the demand for more relevant content is becoming stronger and stronger. The fact is, if you don’t mark this territory with relevant content (articles, websites, video ‘How-to’s’) there will be another brand or indeed individual that will. Long tail search terms have now become a habit worldwide. We turn to Google multiple times in a single day with long-winded questions expecting it to miraculously give us the answer.

Yes of course you can pay for position in Search, but how can this possibly be a long-term solution for any brand? Wasted marketing budget thrown into search when the reality is, when the funds run out – so does the ranking.

Long-term content strategy is a vital component to a new digital age, and must be considered and respected.

REBORN University is a quarterly initiative that was created to help educate and inspire brand teams. If you are interested in REBORN coming to you to help you inspire and educate teams, please contact sam@reborn.com.au


Sam is ‘Queen Bee’ and Client Services Director at REBORN.

She has recently rolled out REBORN University, a series of workshops for big brands that want to learn and be inspired to take digital opportunities by the horns.