Since I first arrived in Sydney I’ve been through a process of cultural osmosis, a reciprocal sharing of point of views, knowledge and behaviours.  This is particularly true for my time with REBORN.

From my position near the water cooler I see a lot of things going on: morning greetings, clients being welcomed, people stumbling up our stairs, the whole show.

I’m not just learning about Social Media Marketing, I’m learning how Aussies relate to each other and interact in their every day lives. I am really happy about that, and completely satisfied with the course of this experience.

Some highlights have included my first birthday cupcake and being introduced to Vegemite, in short: A new discovery each day, much appreciated by a curious (and gluttonous) person such as myself.

Here people are definitely more laid back, they don’t mind going out barefoot in midwinter or wearing odd animal costumes under a burning sunshine! I mean, it’s great! You can be who ever you want to be, without caring too much of what people will think, everyone here is respectful and open-minded towards each other.

They say that unity makes strength, but in this case it is even more remarkable because Oz displays unity in diversity. Different territories, different cultures, different stories, all assembled in a single nation, projected to the future and proud.

Have you ever fell in love with another country? Which one?

To me it is weird because you are fascinated by something that you don’t entirely understand and that you probably wouldn’t be able to explain with all its subtle details.  But it’s magic at the same time, because you are attracted towards an unexplored direction and all your brakes loosen their grip to let you move freely.

If I would be asked to give advice now, it would be this: once heaviness gives way to lightness in your mind, and when you are ready for change and want to rise to the occasion, at that point set yourself a date to travel to Australia. Then you will be one step closer to being REBORN.

Simone Valentini is a ‘Lion’ and Social Analyst at REBORN.