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Data & Insights Drive Marketing Efficiencies

Data and analytics are key to understanding how each area of your brand functions.

If they say that Content Marketing is king, then here at Reborn we add that Data and Analytics are the kingmakers.

The world has gone past the digital age. We are in the age of information.Those who know more than the average Joes hold the power.

And that’s where Data Analytics figures in the world of marketing.

Data analytics is a process of collecting pieces of information or “data points” of a certain audience or niche. Data collected and analyzed are used to build a blueprint for your brand to achieve goals and in making confident business decisions.

Reborn believes in the power of data to inform marketing strategies. Data analysis and the development of insights, precedes all our processes by referencing a range of data sources including external stakeholder interviews, web analytics, statistical surveys and ethnographic reports to better understand your consumers’ behaviour, their needs, and perceptions of your brand.

Here at Reborn, data analysis is the basis of what drives our choices, informs our strategies, and creates effective results. We use this data as the foundation for all of our work, from creative, through to brand experience and user experience.

At Reborn, we use data points to identify repetitive phenomena — patterns to predict shifts, spot new marketing opportunities, or capture emerging trends before they hit mainstream consciousness.

The data driven creative production aims to eliminate creative bias and single use/throw-away ideas. Everything from the message, audience and visual attributes of the campaign, is based on insights that can inform automation rules or optimisation strategies that allow media and production efficiencies while improving campaign results.

Complete digital production solutions

At REBORN, we provide a seamless and fully integrated content creation and delivery service. We have the insight needed to make key decisions, the creative talent required to tell inspiring stories and the technical expertise necessary for advanced editing and delivery. We design customer experiences, produce meaningful narratives, and make lasting memories through emotive and detailed execution.



The selection of the right imagery is critical for ensuring your brand appears in its best possible light. Accordingly, we have access to leading photographers and image editors for the production of beautiful and moving images. Modern digital photography can be a powerful frame and lens for your brand. At REBORN, rich colours, inspiring content, and balanced composition combine to tell a story and make an impact.



To create emotive and effective content and creative, we collaborate with experienced directors, producers, and post-production teams. These days, v Videos can be created using high end cameras or iPhones and still deliver incredible outputs that get people’s attention. At REBORN, powerful movement, emotional content, and creative execution combine to create an immersive and transformative experience.



We collaborate with experienced animators and editors for the production of cutting-edge animation. From simple GIFs to online ads and long-form videos, animation is a clear and vibrant format to tell your story and promote your brand. At REBORN, striking imagery, concise delivery, and technical expertise combine to pack a punch.

Our digital production services

From initial idea to final delivery, our team of creative and technical specialists works in tandem to produce seamless, spectacular digital products. We are experts in every facet of digital media creation, from photography to moving picture and animation. With an in-house production studio, we are able to supervise every stage of the creation of our digital assets, guaranteeing that they will be of the greatest quality for our customers. Display media, huge content pieces, and online platforms are all within our scope of work, and we’ll customise everything to suit your specific business requirements. Examples of what we can do for you in terms of digital production are:

  • Concept Development: We’ll learn about your company’s brand, audience, and objectives, then develop a digital production strategy that’s tailored just to you.
  • Planning: To guarantee a productive and effective production, we will first create a narrative, storyboard, and shot list.
  • Production: We’ll use cutting-edge tools and methods to get the best possible shots and video.
  • Post-Production: Throughout post-production, we’ll refine your digital assets by editing, animating, and scoring them.
  • Distribution: We can assist you in strategically placing your digital assets throughout various media platforms.

The methods of our production

At REBORN, we think that in order for a digital production to be successful, it has to tell a compelling tale that will evoke strong feelings in its audience and motivate them to take some kind of action. That’s exactly what we set out to do with our digital production system. With our customers’ input at every stage, we guarantee the highest level of competence and accuracy. This is what we do:

  1. Create an idea that connects with your audience and helps you achieve your business objectives, we first study your brand and your demographic.
  2. We map out the whole production in great detail, from locales to cast and crew to necessary tools and schedule considerations.
  3. We take only the best possible shots, with great attention to detail.
  4. We refine and perfect your digital assets so that they tell a compelling tale and interest your target demographic.
  5. Assist you with disseminating your digital assets over various online and o

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Science?

Data scientists take the information and use data points to create and design systems and processes. Data science is more about processes aligning with information.

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysts interpret data sets – that’s everything from customer preferences, market trends, consumer behavior, patterns – and use these, separately or in conjunction with, as quantified information to either define a specific industry or more importantly, as the principal basis for a business’ marketing strategies.

Can Data be used in Creative?

Yes! There are lots of amazing campaign examples where data has been used to scale production. Message variations, audience segmentation and so many more options are available to brands when data is linked to creative.

How can data analysis improve my business?

Data analysis helps you make smarter decisions. By looking at customer behaviour, sales trends, and other key metrics, we can pinpoint what’s working and what needs a tweak. It’s like having a roadmap for your business, showing you the best path to take.

What types of data do you analyse?

We look at all sorts. We dig into whatever can help your business, from sales numbers to customer feedback. It’s like being a data detective, searching for clues to improve your business.

Can data analysis help me understand my competitors?

Knowing your competition is part of the game. We can analyse market trends and competitor strategies to give you the upper hand. It’s like learning the other team’s playbook.

Is my data safe with you?

Your data’s safety is our top concern. We use secure platforms and strict protocols to keep your information tight.

Do I need to understand maths or statistics to benefit from data analysis?

Maths skills aren’t a requirement here. We take the number-crunching and turn it into clear, simple reports. It’s like translating a foreign language into your everyday chat. You get all the important stuff without having to deal with confusing jargon.

How often should I get a data analysis?

That’s up to you and your goals. Some folks like monthly check-in and marketing reports, while others go for quarterly deep dives. It’s like a health check-up for your business; you decide how often you need it.

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